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Quote1.png Ladies and is my sad duty to report that Captain America...has succumbed to a debilitating illness. Quote2.png
Natasha Romanoff

Appearing in "Hope and Glory"

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  • Unnamed armored terrorists (First and only known appearance)

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Synopsis for "Hope and Glory"

Two weeks after Captain America's disappearance, a group of heavily armed terrorists hold the President and his bodyguards hostage in the Jefferson Memorial demanding the missing hero show himself. The Avengers had been keeping the news of his fate quiet, with some still believing he would soon return. The terrorists' sophisticated armor is set to automatically explode if anyone comes near them, making it impossible even for Quicksilver to rescue all the hostages with his speed. Nonetheless, with the memory of their former leader guding them and some careful observation, the Avengers find a way to defeat the bad guys and with their reminiscience even inspire the skeptical young government agent assigned to the case that had been doubting the importance of Captain America. Their efforts save the hostages, but at the expense of the Jefferson Memorial. The Avengers also realize they need to come clean to the public about Cap's presumed death.

Elsewhere in a high-tech control center, the shadowy mastermind of the attack considers his objective to publicize Captain America's fate a success, all while the real Captain rests in suspended animation within the same room.


  • The Avengers recount their experiences with Captain America, referring back to when they first met in Avengers #4, when he led the reformed team starting with Avengers #16, and when he fought the Cosmic Cube armed Red Skull in Tales of Suspense #81. They also recap his mysterious disappearance, which occurred at the end of the previous issue.
  • The identities of the shadowy figures holding Captain America's body as well what happened to Cap since the last issue are explained in the next issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are pubished from: Scott McLean and Andy Herman.


  • In this issue, the letters page changes its name to "American Grafitti". It was previously called "Let's Rap With Cap". Both letter page names had been used previously. "Let's Rap With Cap" is the orginal name of the letters page which debuted in Captain America #100.

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