Quote1 He who hestitates is toast. I don't care what kind of moral see-saw you're riding ... the mission is all that counts. Quote2
-- Sharon Carter

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Synopsis for "Old Soldiers Never Die"

As the world mourns the apparent death of Captain America as announced by Black Widow, Cap himself revives and bursts free of a glass tube inside an unknown laboratory. A female voice taunts him with past failures; he turns a corner to discover it is Sharon Carter, whom he thought dead. She is cold to him, but reveals that a third party teleported her and some medics into Avengers mansion just before he died, putting his body on ice and transporting it away to a secret lab, where a total fluid transfusion was performed. This makes him wonder if the super-soldier serum has been flushed from his body. She sets a team of fighters against him to test him; they defeat him making him realize his body is much weaker than before.

Sharon is surprised at this but says the mission must continue and teleports with him to a factory outside of Green Bay. They are accosted by guards, and Steve’s strength slowly begins to return as they fight. He realizes that if the super-soldier serum is still in his blood, this can only mean his blood transfusion came from the Red Skull, and turns to find him standing there. He tries to throw a punch but gets planted on his ass by the Skull, who says he saved his life because he needs his help against a common enemy. Steve demands to know who this enemy is, when suddenly the abandoned factory is replaced by an enormous, hi-tech facility appearing in front of them, and Sharon says they are facing World War III.


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are pubished from: Micheal Hurt, Robert Moraes, Carlos M. Fernandeaz, Jr., and Jesse Regan.

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