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Quote1.png Like it or not.. The Skull is the devil we know. Quote2.png
Sharon Carter

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Synopsis for "The Devil You Know"

Sharon Carter and the Red Skull fill Captain America in on the Kubekult, a faction of neo-nazis and AIM members that had stolen the Skull's ornamental Cosmic Cube containing Hitler's soul. They were the ones behind the recent Cosmic Cube flares on AIM Island as they experimented towards their goal of re-writing reality. Skull makes that they have to work together against this common enemy, though Cap can tell right away that he just wants the newly functioning Cosmic Cube for himself. While they pursue the Kubekult members to a new location, Cap also hears from Sharon Carter what happened to her since her apparent death. SHIELD deployed her on an undercover mission and then she lost contact with them. She was forced to fend for herself as a deep cover mercenary for far too long and formed a resentment for the government systems she used to rely on. While her attitude remains cold, she does start to accept that Steve truly believed she was dead and that he didn't abandon her like SHIELD did.

Sharon's intel leads them to a government research facility. Cap being forced to fight through soldiers alongside the Red Skull does not help convince them that he's the real deal. When they catch up to the Cosmic Cube, it's in the middle of being activated. Sharon dives for it, but then she vanishes along with the Cube just as its waves transform the American soldiers into Kubekultists.


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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
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