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Captain America

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Synopsis for "Triumph of the Will"

The Cosmic Cube has transformed a base full of American soldiers into those of the New World Reich. While fighting through them, Captain America feels his full strength return in time to save the life of the Red Skull, a deed he considers makes them even for the Skull reviving him. Cap eventually catches up to Sharon, who has taken the Cube and is declaring that the only way to stop Hitler's reality from taking over is for someone else to use the Cube to override it with their own. Steve disagrees with imposing any one person's ideals on reality this way, but soon realizes he needs to act to keep the Cube away from the Red Skull either way. He's trying to make the Cube destroy itself when a nearby explosion jars it from his hand and it falls towards the Skull.

Captain America reaches and stops the Red Skull in time and the Cosmic Cube is destroyed. He's then congratulated by his longtime faithful companion, Bucky Barnes, an inconsistency only possible because Cap is now trapped in an illusion created by the Red Skull now holding the Cosmic Cube in triumph.


  • When Sharon hands Steve the Cosmic Cube and explains that his subconscious desires will become reality, she's briefly transformed to resemble one of her more classic appearances circa Captain America #114.

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