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Quote1.png You take care of those men. I'll take care of Manhattan. Quote2.png
Captain America

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Synopsis for "I'll Take Manhattan"

Captain America and Sharon Carter pay a visit to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier looking for answers to why Sharon was presumed dead for so long, but none of the agents claim to know anything. All they learn is that Nick Fury is apparently dead again. After getting set down on the Brooklyn Bridge and making plans to head to Brooklyn Heights to figure out their next move, they're suddenly separated by a massive force field surrounding Manhattan with Sharon on the outside and Steve within. Cap quickly learns that the force field is sapping electrical power from the entire island and the only working technology is the weaponry in the hands of agents of a new Zodiac that intend to use the force field to black out the sky to sever the stars' control over their destiny. The Zodiac henchmen are violently suppressing resistance all across Manhattan and dogging Cap wherever he goes. He runs to Avengers Mansion for backup, but learns from Jarvis that most of the team is outside the barrier with only Thor and Iron Man presumably still somewhere else on the island. He heads next to Thor's new apartment uptown with Zodiacs in hot pursuit. He crashes in on Thor and Enchantress and requests some assistance from Thor's enchanted hammer. Unfortunately, it turns out just as the Zodiacs close in that Thor's godly powers had recently vanished.

Solicit Synopsis

Cap, Thor & Iron Man rejoin the Avengers! Manhattan is plunged into chaos when the revamped Zodiac strikes! Cap's in deep doo-doo, and the Earth's Mightiest Heroes are nowhere to be found! Continued in THOR Vol 1 496!


  • Nick Fury is presumed dead as of Double Edge: Omega #1. Steve and Sharon are skeptical because Nick has the tendency to "die" only for it to turn out to be an LMD that died in his place. Unsurprisingly, that is also the case here. Sharon will learn more about what really happened to Nick Fury and assist in his return in Fury / Agent 13 #1.
  • The Zodiac organization in this storyline has no apparent connection to other incarnations of the Zodiac Cartel.
  • At this point the Avengers have just recently went through a shakeup due to the Crossing event. Most significantly, Iron Man had died and his teenage self from the past had been transplanted to the present to take his place.
  • Thor began his relationship with the Enchantress and ended his relationship with shirts in Thor #493. Thor and Amora's powers vanished suddenly in Thor #495.

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