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Bill Clinton

Appearing in "Executive Action"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Department (First appearance)
    • Agent Nyland (Only appearance)[1]
    • Unnamed agents
  • Previous Appearance of President Clinton President Clinton Next Appearance of President Clinton

Other Characters:

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  • United States Air Force One

Synopsis for "Executive Action"

Sharon Carter has been reluctantly staying with Steve Rogers at his Brooklyn Heights apartment as she had nowhere else to go, but when government agents burst in, she makes a break for it, regretting her decision to stay in one place too long. However, it turns out the agents weren't there for her, but for Steve, who's under arrest on treason charges. They have no idea the man they're arresting is Captain America until they find his costume among his belongings.

Cap is brought to the Oval Office to answer directly to the President for breaking into a government facility alongside the Red Skull during the Kubekult affair. On top of that, Machinesmith had recently turned up in the European province of Moldavia causing an international incident with a top-secret super-weapon that evidence suggests Captain America to be the source of the leak of its specifications. Cap can't prove that the Red Skull and his cohorts were setting him up, so he has no choice but to accept the President's verdict that he be stripped of his shield, costume, and citizenship.

Steve is put on a plane to London. When he arrives, he's surprised by the appearance of Sharon, who had tailed him there and is offering to help him in spite of her earlier attitude. Steve declares that he's going to hunt down Machinesmith to clear his name, and Sharon agrees to help.

Solicit Synopsis

"Man Without a Country"—Part 1 of 4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CAPTAIN AMERICA— NOW GET OUT OF THE U.S.A.! When the super soldier is branded a traitor, he is forced into making the most agonizing decision of his 50-year career!


  • Captain America's Brooklyn Heights headquarters was last seen in Captain America #443. It's not clear what happened to his support crew, but the "For Rent" sign in the storefront suggests they shut down the operation while Cap was presumed dead.
  • The recent incident in which Cap, Sharon, and the Red Skull broke into the government facility occurred in Captain America #446.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a two page letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are pubished from: Michael mcClelland, SPC Joshua S. Fay, Travis MacKinnon, Chris Khalaf (two letters published), Jim Faerber, Kelly Leavitt, Mike Ramsey, David Tellis, Joe Kuchanski III, Rob Sinclair, and Diego Caballero T.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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