Quote1.png I don't want to look at this world and think it's right! I'd rather be dead... Quote2.png
-- "Captain America"

Appearing in "Two Americas (Conclusion)"

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Synopsis for "Two Americas (Conclusion)"

The Grand Director plans on destroying Hoover Dam for the purpose of rallying other groups like the Watchdogs to restore the America that he once knew, at the cost of countless lives. When one of his underlings walks up to inform him that Falcon has escaped, Bucky takes the opening to break free of his restraints -- thanks to his bionic arm -- and turn on the Grand Director.

Meanwhile, Falcon and the train driver Dave disconnect the rear half of the train, leaving all of the Watchdogs on it. The former then interrogates one of the Watchdogs to know how they intended to get off the train before the end of the line. The Watchdog explains that they have a military chopper they stole to get to the real place they are going to blow up. Once he learns that it is Hoover Dam, he chucks the Watchdog off the train into the ravine below. They then commandeer the helicopter, as the train derails and explodes.

Back at Hoover Dam, Buck is personally facing off against the Grand Director. But seeing a scientist about to attach a timer to the vibranium bomb, he grabs the Grand Director's shield and throws at the scientist before he could. As soon as he does, Falcon arrives to back him up. Enraged, the Grand Director threatens to manually detonate the bomb. Bucky, picking up a gun, tries reasoning with him, offering to find doctors to fix him. However, the warped 1950s Captain America refuses, stating that he'd rather be dead. Bucky decides to grant him his wish and shoots him, causing the Grand Director to fall off the dam and into the river below.

Later, the authorities arrive and detain the Watchdogs. However, there is no sign of the Grand Director. Bucky can only lament how messed his foe was. Falcon reminds that that Cap isn't like him.

Appearing in "Conjunction (Finale)"

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Synopsis for "Conjunction (Finale)"

Nomad wakes up in the care of the Night Nurse, who had managed to create a counter-agent to the poisonous gas she was afflicted with. As the latter explains, it's been five days since Arana pulled her out of their skirmish with the Secret Empire.

Meanwhile, Anya Corazon finds a note on her school locker from Nomad. In her Arana disguise, she meets with Nomad, to recount about how the Secret Empire pulled out of the trap they set. As of now, she has no more leads. Arana tells her how she first started the superhero job. If Nomad ever needs help with the Secret Empire again, she is the girl to call on. Nomad appreciates the offer and leaps off without tell Arana her name.

The Secret Empire's leader is canceling the mission to take out Nomad and instead turn to a new mission. Also, he tells Professor Power that he is to report to his new assignment.

Next day, Anya meets her new classmate, Rikki Barnes, who formally introduces herself as Nomad.

Solicit Synopsis

The dramatic conclusion of "Two Americas" by acclaimed Cap scribe Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross. The final battle between two Captain Americas will leave each changed...and a new secret enemy will be revealed.


  • In this issue, the Falcon uses a version of his old "Hawk Hook". It had not been used since he acquired his "wings" in Captain America and the Falcon #170.
  • Hoover Dam is located on the borders of Arizona AND Nevada.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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