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Quote1.png In Osborn's place, running the Thunderbolts and an organization like H.A.M.M.E.R., I'd have transformed everything... It's no excuse. He has the world flipped, everything was shades of gray... And now it's all black and white again... All the old lies back in place. Even a brand-new shiny Captain America. Quote2.png
Baron Zemo

Appearing in "No Escape (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "No Escape (Part 1)"

A month ago, the Ghost, sent on a mission to recover old Thunderbolts' records, encounters Baron Zemo. Zemo muses that if he was in Osborn's place, he would've changed everything, but now the world has reverted to "black and white" instead of "shades of gray", even with a new Captain America. However, Ghost has something interesting to tell him.

In the present, Falcon has become concerned about Bucky, who is pushing himself very hard after the incident with the Grand Director, especially after a skirmish with the Wrecking Crew. He confides his concerns with Steve Rogers, who says that they should talk with him tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Bucky has a nightmare about himself shooting the Grand Director. He wakes up to find that the Black Widow has left his bed on Avengers business. He then gets out of bed to do some exercises.

Flashing back to two weeks ago, Zemo, accompanied by Fixer, has located Iron-Hand Hauptmann, demanding that he repay the debt that he owed his father. Hauptmann says that he owes him nothing and demands that he leave, only for Zemo to toss him around. He then points a gun at Hauptmann's face, demanding that he fulfill his debt.

At a bar in Brooklyn, Bucky is confronted by Rogers and Falcon. He denies guilt over what he did to the Grand Director, to which Falcon adds was the first person to wear Roger's face and uniform. Bucky ignores him and asks for another bear. Rogers can deduce that Bucky's listening, even if he won't admit it. When Bucky returns to them, he acknowledges their concerns and apologizes to Falcon for putting him at risk the other day.

As they exit the bar, Bucky asks Rogers to pass along a message to Widow to actually get back to his place. Rogers promises just that he and takes off in his flying car. Falcon, seeing that Bucky is a bit drunk, offers to take him home. But Bucky quickly realizes that must have been drugged, as two beers couldn't have done this. He is too late to stop Falcon from turning on his motorcycle's ignition, at which it explodes. As the bar's patrons rush out, Bucky cries out for someone to call an ambulance.

The explosion was orchestrated by Zemo and Hauptmann, but not to kill Falcon, but to injure him. The former notes that phase one is complete, and now the fun begins.

Two days ago, Zemo infiltrates the Kurtzberg institute to locate Sin, asking for her assistance in destroying Bucky Barnes. Sin then cackles evilly.

Appearing in "Hunger Strikes (Part 1)"

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  • Bernard Carroll (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Hunger Strikes (Part 1)"

Nomad has it hard living in a run down apartment and sneaking into Arana's school to freshen up. She doesn't want to bother Arana by telling her she's homeless. Furthermore, she is an outcast

Later that evening, Nomad is at a soup kitchen, where the manager approaches her, telling her that she could get setup with government program, to which Nomad declines, knowing that it would only send a message to the Secret Empire.

While walking home, Nomad is approached by a man named Bernard, who offers her clothing in exchange for helping clean up his home. She does so and when she goes down into the basement to collect her reward, she is suddenly locked in. She then notices a skeleton hand nearby.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! Acclaimed artist Butch Guice joins award-winning writer Ed Brubaker as the summer begins with a blast from the past! Zemo returns to finish the job his father started -- Killing Bucky!


  • The Kurtzburg Institute is an obvious nod to Cap co-creator and long-time artist Jack Kirby. Although mis-spelled, Kurtzberg was "The King's" birthname.

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