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Synopsis for "Gulag, Part 2"

Bucky is thrown in with Russian bears. Colonel Rostov observes that he's got much more stamina and survivalist instinct than those who were thrown in the ring before and figures that breaking him will be easy.

As Bucky is brought in the with the other inmates, he endures the harsh conditions within the prison. He then runs into Niko Constantin, leading his own gang of Wolf Spiders, offering him protection and when refused, mercilessly beats up Bucky until he fights back. The prison guards break up the fight, stating that they don't want Bucky injured before his next match. One of the inmates named Alexi, formerly KGB, offers to help him survive the prison. He warns Bucky that he'll be facing Boris Bullski, the Titanium Man, who has been promised freedom if he kills Bucky tonight.

Meanwhile, Black Widow and Sharon Carter are posing as journalists and gain access to the file pertaining to Bucky's life as the White Soldier. According to the file, Bucky went rogue and killed two civilians. Curiously, there is little info on the victims. Suspecting that there is something going on, the duo locate files form Department X and learn that the two victims were connected to the Red Room Program and reported to Rostov. Before they could act on this information, they are caught.

Solicit Synopsis

Your monthly dose of Cap is now bigger than ever, as a new era begins! Now also starring STEVE ROGERS, SUPER-SOLDIER in a story that intertwines with, and complements, the main story, both written by Cap mastermind Ed Brubaker. Bucky’s life takes a turn no one ever expected, but that’s all top secret. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers faces a world without a Captain America.


  • This story is reprinted in Captain America: Prisoner of War.

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