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Quote1.png My dreams are the worst I've ever had. Images of the Winter Soldier fold in on each other... I see things I forgot happened... Like a door unlocking in my mind... Torture... Slaughter... And training others in their use... So much horror... I wake up vomiting. And don't feel much better afterwards. My bad dreams linger...but I wouldn't expect anything else... Quote2.png
James "Bucky" Barnes

Appearing in "Gulag part 3"

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Synopsis for "Gulag part 3"

Agent 13 and Black Widow have been discovered by security guards in the middle of their search for the government file on the Winter Soldier. Widow wastes no time turning the tables on the guards, and after much gunfire and acrobatics, she is able to pin one of them against the wall. He confesses that they were sent not for them, but to destroy the Winter Soldier file. After tying the guards up, Natasha and Sharon drive to a nearby safe house. Natasha wonders if Colonel Rostov is behind everything and pushes Sharon to abandon their orders and save Bucky from prison. Sharon says they’ve already overstepped and would be putting Steve Rogers’ career on the line if they go any farther. Widow suggests that Steve can have “plausible deniability”. Sometime later, Sharon calls Steve and lies that Black Widow slipped away from her and has gone rogue.

Meanwhile, in Siberia, Bucky endures a vicious fight with the massive Bullski. The warden watches and tells his curious comrades that Colonel Rostov wants the Winter Soldier broken down. The fight ends when the prison guards throw weapons into the yard and Bucky beats Bullski with a mace. That night, he has violent nightmares of acts he perpetrated as the Winter Soldier that he had not remembered before.

The next day, Bucky is accosted in the yard by Yuri Petrovich and a riot quickly breaks out. After Bucky is able to evade Petrovich and his goons, Niko Constantin beckons to him. Niko leads Bucky away from the chaos and into the sewers. He tells Bucky he has to escape the prison before Colonel Rostov gets his hands on him, but Bucky refuses to run and breach the terms of his extradition, choosing instead to wait for the process to play out the right way. With that, Niko turns on Bucky, knocking him out cold and calling for the guards. Bucky wakes up some time later restrained to a table in a laboratory with Colonel Rostov staring down at him. Rostov asks Bucky if he remembers his Winter Soldier activation codes.

After the call from Agent 13, Steve Rogers marches into an interrogation room to face Henry Gyrich. Steve demands to know Gyrich’s involvement in Bucky’s extradition to Russia. Gyrich tells Steve a Russian diplomat named Sergei approached him with a file that contained details of ops run by the Winter Soldier on United States soil. This was enough to convince the government to send Bucky to Siberia.

Steve has his people track down the Russian diplomat. He takes a flying car to Sergei’s location, an apartment building nearby. Inside, he finds his agents and Nick Fury standing over Sergei’s body - he has been shot in the head. Fury walks Rogers to an armchair in the next room, where another dead man sits, having ingested cyanide. Thanks to the phone hanging off its hook nearby, Fury surmises that the man shot Sergei after receiving a call and then killed himself. Fury then reveals that the man is a former Russian spy who has been living freely in the U.S. for decades.

Solicit Synopsis

CO-FEATURING STEVE ROGERS, SUPER-SOLDIER! Steve Rogers races against time to uncover the international conspiracy that trapped his ex-partner in a web of intrigue and lies. Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes fights for his life in a Russian Gulag. With everybody gunning for Bucky and Steve fighting the clock, is there any hope for either of these two super-soldiers?

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  • This story is reprinted in Captain America: Prisoner of War.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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