Quote1 Well, at least they got it half-right. ... Barnes is way too tarnished now to carry the shield. But never wanted it anyhow. He just wouldn't let anyone else have it. And after that...he was only tryin' to impress you. Quote2
-- Nick Fury

Appearing in "Gulag part 4"

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Synopsis for "Gulag part 4"

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Solicit Synopsis

The events of Fear Itself collide as our two stories reach their stunning conclusion. From his cold Russian prison cell, Bucky makes a decision that will change his life forever. And in the Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier back-up, the first repercussions of Bucky's actions may destroy everything Steve has worked so hard for. It's the stunning conclusion you won't believe!


  • This is the final issue of Captain America, with the next issue, the title becomes Captain America and Bucky #620, with the same numbering.
  • This story is reprinted in Captain America: Prisoner of War.

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