Quote1.png I've always believed that all you need is one man to make a difference. To stand up when others are told to sit down. To speak loudly for those who have no voice. And to fight the good fight. Quote2.png
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Courage"

Steve Rogers awakens from a dream where he saw the old World War II hero Captain America fighting Nazi's during the war while the Pledge of Allegance booms in his mind. Awakening from yet another nightmare like this, Steve decides that he still won't tell his wife Peg of these reoccurring dreams. The next morning he has breakfast with his Peg and his son Steve Jr. before picking up a ride with his co-worker Nathan to go to work at the factory. Along the way, they listen to a radio report about the World Party which prompts a conversation about their possibly racist backgrounds, Steve is curious about the idea of Neo-Nazi's being in Philadelphia. As they drive by an old black man, Steve swears that he's seen the elderly African-American somewhere before but dismisses it to go to work. During their lunch break, Steve confides in his co-workers about the strange dreams that he's been having lately, they all get a good laugh except for Nathan who rushes off to make a phone call on a secure line. That night as Steve nods off watching television he has yet another dream about Captain America. This dream frightens him as well but he still can't find a way to tell his wife about it.

The next night elsewhere in Philadelphia, Rebecca "Rikki" Barnes is upset that she got rejected from the Julliard Dance Academy. She is confronted by her brother John and his friend Lunk who suggest that she wasn't given a spot in the school because she is white. Rikki finds this assertion ridiculous, and is shocked that her brother is going off to listen to a speech being given at World Party headquarters. Her attempts to stop her brother from going fail miserably as Lunk easily pushes her aside.

While at the church headquarters of the World Party, Alexander -- the World Party's leader and former Nazi super-soldier Master Man -- received a report from his minion Hauptman telling him that they have located the mysterious black man who has been following Steve, and but tells him that they are no closer to finding the lost shield. Alexander tells him to keep watching before addressing his audience a group of Neo-Nazi's and angry youth. As Master Man gives his thinly veiled hate speech, SHIELD Agent Hunt -- who has infiltrated the World Party -- goes snooping around and is horrified to find a stockpile of nuclear missiles located below the church. However, before he can radio in his findings he is captured by some mysterious being whom Hunt is shocked to see alive and well.

At this time Steve Rogers is walking the streets trying to figure out what all the strange dreams he's been having are about when he's suddenly confronted by the strange old man he saw earlier. The man introduces himself as Abraham Wilson, who convinces Steve to follow him to an old warehouse where he reveals to him the shield of Captain America. Abraham then tells Steve that he's really Captain America, and that Abraham has been spending the better part of his life tracking down Cap's lost shield and then Captain America himself since he went missing after the war.

Just as Abraham hands over Cap's shield to Steve, agents of the World Party blow up the warehouse. Steve pulls himself out of the rubble, remembering that he is in reality Captain America. He orders the armed men to stand down, and when they refuse to do so he soundly beats them. Realizing that Abraham is still in the rubble, Steve digs him out to find him dying. Abraham tells him to go to his wife and son as they are not safe before he dies, and Steve vows to get revenge on his killers if it's the last thing he does.

Meanwhile, aboard the SHIELD helicarrier, Timothy Dugan and Sharon Carter report to Nick Fury to advise him that Captain America has been revived. Fury is determined to make Captain America come back with him to SHIELD headquarters or force him to do so.

This story is continued next issue...


  • All individuals in this issue appear in the Heroes Reborn pocket universe/Counter Earth created by Franklin Richards. This occurs after most of the Marvel Heroes battled Onslaught and appeared to perish in the battle.


  • Hauptmann is a Rank in German Military, it is the equivalent of a Captain in the US Army;

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