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Steven Rogers (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Serpents and Eagles, Part III: Capital Punishment"

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Synopsis for "Serpents and Eagles, Part III: Capital Punishment"

Continued from last issue...

Captain America has come to Washington D.C. to seek out and crush the head of the Sons of the Serpent and has come to get the aid of Nick Fury and SHIELD to get it. Fury agrees to help him out and provides him with a unit of SHIELD soldiers and SHIELD technology in order to carry out his task. Before he goes, he meets with Bucky who expresses interest in being close friends instead of just being side-kicks once the mission is over, Cap tells her that he'd like it as well. When she states that people aboard the helicarrier are acting weird, Captain America tells her to stay on board and keep an eye on things. Cap then meets with Sam Wilson, who thanks to the blood transfusion given to him by Captain America has become a costumed SHIELD agent called the Falcon, he ask him to stake out the city and try and find the hideout of the Serpents.

The Falcon would find the Sons of the Serpents, but would be over powered and captured. As Captain America and his SHIELD unit explore the sewers of Washington D.C., Cap realizes that all the soldiers he's been dispatched with are all non-white Americans and just before he is told who picked them for this mission they are attacked by the Sons of the Serpent, killing one of the soldiers. Cap orders the others to retreat in the battle and Cap is seemingly killed in a grenade explosion.

When Nick Fury arrives on the scene he orders the men to return to the helicarrier for a full debriefing so that they can plan to avenge Captain America's death. Captain America however is not dead at all and has sneaked into the trunk of Fury's flying car. When Fury enters his home, Cap pops out of the trunk and goes spying around the property. Looking in an upper story window he sees a rally of the Sons of the Serpent who have Falcon pinned to the wall. The Serpent King tells them all that they intend to execute the Falcon and tells them to look at the face of America and unmasks: revealing himself to be Nick Fury.

This story is continued next issue...


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