Quote1 Two things Nick Fury'd never be... He'd never be a racist. 'N he'd never shoot a guy in the back Quote2
-- Nicholas Fury (Heroes Reborn) (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Serpents and Eagles, Part IV: Into the Snake Pit"

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Synopsis for "Serpents and Eagles, Part IV: Into the Snake Pit"

Continued from last issue...

Captain America has just witnessed the Serpent King of the Sons of the Serpent unmask himself as Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. As he overhears Fury tell his minions that with Captain America seemingly dead they will begin a full scale assault on America. While aboard the SHIELD helicarrier, Bucky becomes suspicious of a particular room that has armed guards in front of it. Deciding to do what Captain America would do in this situation, she would attack the guards and break into the room to see what's inside.

Captain America meanwhile confronts Fury and offers him a one-on-one fight to see who's ideals are metaphorically stronger. Fury agrees to the fight and the two battle it out. Meanwhile Bucky opens the locked room and is shocked to find someone inside held prisoner. As Captain America and Fury's fight carries on, Fury reveals that he actually gave the call to the full out assault 10 minutes before their fight and turns on television screens to prove his point, then orders his Sons of the Serpent to attack. Cap would then use his shield to free Falcon who would join him in the fight. As the two heroes battle on, Fury would grab a cannon and prepare to shoot Captain America in the back when suddenly his head is blown off, revealing that he was in reality a LMD. The shooter turns out to be the real Nick Fury who has arrived with Bucky to help in the fight.

In the battles aftermath, with the Sons of the Serpent being rounded up, Nick Fury reveals that a secret group within the government was funding the Sons of the Serpent and that they had replaced him with an LMD in order to get access to SHIELDs resources. With the battle over, Captain America is finally convinced that America needs him now more than ever. Just then a SHIELD agent rushes on the scene to tell Fury and Cap that Galactus has arrived in New York.

This story is continued in Fantastic Four Vol. 2 #12...


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