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Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Heroes Reunited Part 4: Let It Be"

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Synopsis for "Heroes Reunited Part 4: Let It Be"

Story continued from Iron Man Vol. 2 Vol 1 12...

Feeling as though she cannot fit in to the life of being the side kick of a super-hero, Rikki Barnes has returned home to Philadelphia to seek the guidance of her parents. However she arrives to find their home trashed and Dr. Doom, having traveled from the near future there seeking her out. He claims that SHIELD's files identify her as a chronal anomaly and he has come seeking out what it might mean and if it could be used to stop Galactus from destroying the Earth. Before he can coerce the teenage girl to do his bidding Captain America arrives and stops him. Realizing there is no time to lose, Dr. Doom tells Captain America that right now the Fantastic Four are battling the Heralds of Galactus, and if they do not act quickly they will soon be killed in battle.

They arrive in New York City and gather the Avengers and the Hulkbusters and save the Fantastic Four from Terrax, Firelord, Air-Walker and Plasma just in time. Dr. Doom convinces the Fantastic Four to join forces and try and stop Galactus. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer has joined his master in space and has attempted to ask him not to destroy the Earth, asking instead to find a new planet. Galactus refuses and the Surfer concedes and agrees to return to Earth to warn them of his masters coming.

While at Avengers Mansion, Dr. Doom, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Bruce Banner and Ant Man begin putting their minds together to try and come up with a means to destroy Galactus. Bruce Banner comes up with the craziest idea of all: If Galactus is coming to consume the Earth for its energy, why not give him exactly what he wants.

Elsewhere in the Mansion all the other heroes take the quiet time to socialize and get their minds off the fact that the world may end soon. Bucky however is consumed with thought about her place in everything and wanders outside. There she meets the Silver Surfer who asks her to tell the heroes to find a way to get off the Earth. Bucky refuses and tries to talk the Surfer into betraying Galactus and joining them, the Surfer hesitates and leaves to return to his master. Bucky, not wanting to give up jumps onto the back of the Surfer's surfboard. Cap comes outside to see Bucky's brash action and chases after her on a flying motorcycle. As Cap tries to talk Bucky into letting go, Galactus notices her hitching a ride on the Surfer's board. Finding this an affront Galactus blasts the girl with cosmic eye beams sending her crashing into the water below. The Surfer is mortified at how his master used his vast power on a normal human girl.

Back at the mansion, Reed Richards is explaining that their Ultimate Nullifier is complete however it needs someone to wield it and they will surely die. Captain America enters the room with the wounded Bucky and offers himself up, Iron Man and Thor offer themselves in sacrifice as well. Just then, the Silver Surfer, offers himself for the sacrifice. The heroes wire up the Nullifier to the Silver Surfer and armed with Cap's indestructible shield the Silver Surfer goes out to battle Galactus. With an energy boost from the heroes below the Silver Surfer succeeds in absorbing energy and channeling it back into Galactus causing him to overload, destroying them both in the process. The only thing that survives the blast is Cap's shield which he reclaims. With Galactus destroyed, Reed Richards offers his hand to Dr. Doom in friendship but Doom declines.

Later, Captain America visits the grave of Abraham Wilson at Arlington Cemetery to pay his respects and thank him for bringing Captain America back to the world. He is then greeted by Richard and Peggy Barnes, the grandparents of Bucky. They tell Cap that she is expected to recover and Cap finds that they are familiar. Nick Fury shows up and tells him that he cannot tell them who they are because it's classified information. Fury then confides in Captain America that everything he was told by the Fury LMD was all for the purposes of making him put the uniform back on, but they may not necessarily be true. Cap then rides off into the sunset with the Watcher looking.


  • In this issue, it is revealed that President Truman did not order Steve Rogers to be captured and placed into Suspended animation.

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