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Quote1.png May the Lord God keep you all safe this day...and God Bless America. Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "World War III, Part IV: War Without End"

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Synopsis for "World War III, Part IV: War Without End"

Captain America leads the surviving heroes (Void, Grifter, the Thing, Invisible Woman, Maul, Zealot, Gorgon, Majestic, Warblade, Deathblow) and the United States Military forces (including Rick Jones and Eddie "Grunge" Chang) in an assault on Latveria.

Mister Fantastic's group fights Doctor Doom's army at the site of the dimensional Lock in the Negative Zone. Winter, Triton, and Battalion die fighting, and Spartan gives his life to open the lock.

The American Forces are attacked by waves of Skrulls, Daemonites, and the Elementrons, four heroes possessed by Daemonites (Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, and Rainmaker). Gorgon, Rainmaker, Grunge, Sub-Mariner, Thing, Hulk, Human Torch, Maul, and Warblade are confirmed casualties.

Captain America and Deathblow reach Castle Doom and are attacked by Helspont. Deathblow hurls Helspont and himself into the Negative Zone, Captain America is shot by a Skrull whom he takes down with his shield, and Rick Jones destroys the portion of the lock in Latveria with a grenade.

The world ends, to be reformed as two other worlds; the Heroes Reborn Universe and the WildStorm Universe.


  • This issue is a crossover of the Heroes Reborn Marvel Universe and the Wildstorm Universe (then with Image Comics). It is, in all probability, an amalgam parallel of both universes.
  • At this stories conclusion, the world "Whites Out". It would be logical to assume that Franklin Richards eventually restored a semblance of order by moving the Marvel Heroes intact back to their homeworld Earth-616.
  • The death of Human Torch, Gorgon and Triton of the Counter Earth in this number and those of every Wildstorm/Heroes Reborn carachters in all of the World War Three story arc are temporary, only in Earth-13031; they came back alive when Rick Jones of Earth-13031 separate the two dimensions.

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