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Captain America

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Synopsis for "Secrets"

Continued from last issue...

Following his battle with armed mercenaries of the World Party, Steve Rogers rushes home to check and see if his wife Peg and son Steve Jr. are safe. He is shocked to find that they are in what appears to be a catatonic state. Before he can find out what's wrong with his family he is greeted by Nick Fury of SHIELD. Thinking that Fury is an attacker Steve quickly attacks Fury as he recites a military oath. When Steve demands answers, Fury orders him to put him down and Rogers complies but gives him two minutes to explain himself. Fury goes onto tell him that he is the director of SHIELD and that he is Captain America's boss and that he is being called back into duty. Fury then reveals that his wife and child are not real beings but in reality Life Model Decoys used to perpetuate the illusion that Steve Rogers is just a normal working family man. When Steve asks how this could be, Fury advises him that Captain America gave Fury and the President of the United States no other choice.

As dawn rises, Rikki Barnes is awoken by the sound of her brother looting her room. To her surprise he has shaved his head and has decided to run away from home and live and work for the World Party fully time, much to her shock and dismay. Nothing she tries to tell him convinces him to not join the racist political group. As he jumps out of her bedroom window telling her that the World Party is going to save the world, she sadly wonders who is going to save him. While aboard a USAF aircraft carrier in an undisclosed location Samuel Wilson gets a message from SHIELD informing him that his father has died and his orders are to return to SHIELD headquarters.

Lastly, at the headquarters of the World Party, Master Man and Hauptman attempt to interrogate SHIELD spy Agent Hunt about his mission. Hunt proves unwilling to divulge any information but the interrogation is stopped by the arrival of the Red Skull, who tells Hunt that America is already dead and that their victory is at hand.

This story is continued next issue...


  • In this issue it is revealed that WWII veteran Abraham Wilson is Samuel Wilson's father.
  • This issue has a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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