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-- Sam Wilson

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Synopsis for "Fire"

Continued from last issue...

Believing that her brother is making a terrible mistake Rikki Barnes has dawned a make-shift costume and has broken into the World Party headquarters to try and talk him into coming back home. As she is snooping around she overhears some of the guards talking about how they have captured Captain America and are holding him prisoner. She runs into her brother and his friend Gus who are now full fledged members of the World Party. They give her a choice: Join or be taken dead or alive. Rikki is shocked to hear her brother would be willing to kill her and uses her acrobatic skills to easily get away from them. Fleeing for an exit, Rikki intends to get to a phone to call the police but runs into the Red Skull instead.

While down below, Captain America and Sam Wilson are being held prisoner. Captain America tells Sam that he'll get them out of their situation, however Sam is less than impressed with Captain America and is still angry that his father wasted his life searching for him. The Red Skull then enters the room wearing Captain America's shield earning the Captain's anger. The Red Skull tries to convince Captain America that the America that he once knew was dead and offers him to join him in an ethnic cleansing of America. This infuriates Captain America to the point where he tears free of his chains. Red Skull sicks Crossbones on him, but Cap manages to beat him senseless and get back his SHIELD and free Sam.

Then Master Man enters the room with armed guards and is determined to shoot them all down dead, including the Red Skull whom Master Man hopes to replace. When Sam hears that Master Man was responsible for his fathers death he tries to attack him and is gunned down for his trouble. While else where, Rikki wakes up to find herself tied to a nuclear weapon with her brother and Gus mocking them. They tell her that the missiles of which she is tied too are going to be launched all over the United States to ethnically cleanse it of all those that the World Party find impure.

This story is continued next issue...

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