Quote1 The color of a man's skin has never made one person better than another. Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Victory"

Continued from last issue...

With SHIELD intelligence warning that the World Party is about to launch their nuclear weapons from their headquaters, Nick Fury brings the SHIELD helicarrier as close as possible and prepares for full out assault. While down below, Captain America battles off Master Man and his minions after they have gunned down Sam Wilson. During the fight, Red Skull breaks away to take control of the nuclear missile launch and reassert his control of the World Party from the usurper Master Man's. After Cap fights off everyone, he cuts his hand open and drips his super-soldier serum enhanced blood into Sam Wilson's body revitalizing him. Cap then leaves Sam behind as he seeks out the Red Skull and attempts to stop the nuclear missile launch.

Meanwhile, the Red Skull gets to the control room and attacks Hauptman, forcing him into subservience. Realizing the battle is lost with SHIELD on the way he prepares to escape, but stops and watches the monitors to listen to Rikki Barnes try to convince her brother John to give up on the World Party and free her, and finds her somehow familiar. While out in the silo, Rikki's speech is quashed when Master Man arrives with the detonator and is ready to push the button when Captain America arrives and uses his shield to free Rikki who manages to knock the detonator free from Master Man's hands while he is distracted by Cap's counter attack.

Before Master Man can recover the detonator he is struck from behind by the fully recovered and super-soldier serum enhanced Sam Wilson. He and Cap then land simultaneous knock out punches to knock Master Man unconscious. Just then Nick Fury and an army of SHIELD agents burst in to find that Cap had already won the day. As SHIELD collects all the World Party members on site, Bucky nervously asks someone to take the detonator from her hands.


  • In a major development, Captain America is shown to have green blood in this issue. Furthermore, by pouring blood from his arm into Samuel Wilson's mouth, it not only allowed him to recover from mortal gunshot wounds, but also endowed him with super strengh and reflexes.

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