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Appearing in "Soldiers"

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Synopsis for "Soldiers"

While searching through his old teacher Blaquesmith's ruined base Cable somehow finds himself transported to Counter-Earth aboard the SHIELD helicarrier where Captain America and his new partner Bucky are attempting to stop an invasion by AIM led by MODOK and Baron Zemo. Cable is surprised to find Captain America alive and well, however is shocked to find that Cap doesn't remember who he is at all.

While Bucky handles the AIM foot soldiers, Captain America battles his old wartime foe Baron Zemo. Cable takes on MODOK and easily downs the villain with his superior telepathic powers. Captain America soundly defeats the rest of AIM and Baron Zemo and assures Zemo that he intends on going after Captain America next.

As SHIELD agents round up all the villains, Cable tries to talk to Captain America. Cap stops him as he needs to tend to the wounded and tells him that he should meet the Avengers. Before Cable can say anymore, whatever brought him to Counter-Earth pulls him back to his own reality. Unsure where Captain America and the other victims on Onslaught are, Cable at least knows that at least somewhere they are alive.

Appearing in "Industrial Revolution: Epilogue"

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Synopsis for "Industrial Revolution: Epilogue"

Story continued from Iron Man (Vol. 2) #6...

Following the stabilization of the Gamma Core on Avengers Island, Nick Fury is rushing off to get some rest warning anyone from awakening him unless it's an emergency. Entering his private quarters he is shocked to see Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor of the Avengers waiting for him. All three proclaim that the Avengers is breaking off from SHIELD control and acting independently.

This story is continued in Avengers (Vol. 2) #7...


  • This issue advertises the next issue to feature a battle between Bucky and Crossbones. However this doesn't come to pass as the Captain America title would be moved over to Wildstorm Productions to be completed. The official story is that Liefeld was not meeting his deadline quotas and the sales of both his run of Captain America and the Avengers were not meeting target sales; and as such Marvel terminated their contract with him and moved the remainder of the series to Wildstorm. It is notable that all the previous plot threads in the Captain America series established by Liefeld were dropped.

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