Quote1 I set out to find the good in this country. What I found was evil. But, if I hunt this sore...rid America of it...perhaps I can find some good lurking somewhere underneath. Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Serpents and Eagles, Part One: A First Small Hisssss"

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Synopsis for "Serpents and Eagles, Part One: A First Small Hisssss"

Having redesigned his costume with the letter "A" on his cowl, Captain America explains to his young partner Bucky that he needs time to travel America and find the American spirit before he can go on as Captain America, and leave his sordid past with SHIELD behind.

His travels take him to the town of Mexia, Texas, where he finds a police blockade, there he learns that a milita group called the Sons of the Serpent have been cornered in a diner and that they have hostages. Inside one of the Serpent members becomes increasingly agitated. When former World War II soldier and African-American Grover Williams attempts to get him to calm down and see sense, the Serpent threatens to kill him, telling the man that non-whites are what is wrong with the country and decides to send a message by executing Grover. Just then, Captain America smashes through the window and easily takes down the Sons of the Serpent holed up in there. When one of them tries to get a shot on Cap, Grover stops him. When talking to Grover, the old man thanks him for saving his brother during the war, Captain America tells Grover that he should be the one thanked for fighting for his country and solutes him.

Back outside, the sheriff in town asks Captain America if he could join them in going to the Sons of the Serpent compound and rounding them up. Cap goes along and is surprised to see that the compound is a high tech fortress. The FBI give him a phone to talk to one of the Serpents inside. Captain America tries to talk them into coming out peacefully and discuss things. However when the Serpent he is talking to breaks into racist rhetoric about how non-whites are ruining America, Captain America tries to tell him that he's wrong. This doesn't bode to well as the Serpents decide to come out: with guns blazing. Their base explodes and out come a series of high tech ships firing at will.

Captain America manages to down a craft with two Serpents aboard, and when the smoke settles they are taken into custody for questioning. As casualties and the injured are being dealt with the FBI agent tells Captain America that there are Sons of the Serpent chapters all over the country. Cap decides to make it his mission to hunt down each chapter of the Sons until he finds their main headquarters and shut them down.

This story is continued next issue...


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