Quote1 Rife with Un-Christian values, Hollywood is an example of how American morals have decayed. Quote2
-- Sons of the Serpent

Appearing in "Serpents and Eagles, Part II: Horror for Hollywood"

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Synopsis for "Serpents and Eagles, Part II: Horror for Hollywood"

Continued from last issue...

In his mission to crush the Sons of the Serpent racist group, Captain America's travels take him to Hollywood California where he smashes up yet another set. There meeting with Detective O'Brien, Captain America discusses how the Serpents poison is spreading and making Americans lose pride in their backgrounds, only seeing other peoples skin colors and prejudicing them for it. When he learns that the Serpents aren't talking to the police, he asks O'Brien if he could borrow one.

He takes the Serpent member to the La Brea tar pits and threatens to drown him unless he starts talking. When the Serpent calls his bluff that Captain America won't kill because he's a hero, Cap tells him that the Serpents have taught him that "America is Changing" and proceeds to continue to try and drown him. This scare tactic works sure enough and the Serpent tells Captain America where the Serpents main headquarters in Hollywood is located. After taking out the skeleton crew there he finds that they have a cache of military grade ballistic and biological weapons that came from a department within the US government.

Learning where the Serpents are going to strike next, Captain America travels to the Hollywood Hills where the Serpents have captured many prominent Jewish writers or people who hired Jewish crew on motion pictures and have strapped them to the Hollywood sign in an attempt to execute them and by blowing it up. Captain America arrives just in time and smashes up their operation and stops them before they can detonate the Hollywood sign. In the aftermath as he's freeing the Serpents hostages one of them tearfully thanks him for saving his mother, who was a Polish Jew during World War II whom he saved from being carted off for experimentation by the Nazis.

Returning to O'Brien's office Captain America watches the news and sees that the Sons of the Serpent, goaded by their master the mysterious King Serpent have beefed up their racially influenced acts of terror across America. In a televised demand, the King Serpent orders all his minions to attack those they deem to be impure. Captain America decides that it's time that he goes to Washington D.C. to find some answers.

This story is continued next issue...

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