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Quote1.png I have internalized the power of the Cosmic Cube... Quote2.png
Red Skull

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Synopsis for "First Gleaming"

Iron Man shows Captain America the shattered salvaged remains of his shield, promising to study them to figure out how the unbreakable shield broke. Sharon hooks Cap up with a new reconfigurable energy shield gauntlet, but he's nearly inconsolable over the loss. She nonetheless attempts to help him out of his funk by taking him to the law firm where he got Javier a clerk job to help get his family's apartment back. While there, Steve meets Connie Ferrari, one of the lawyers at the firm. They quickly hit it off, much to Sharon's annoyance.

Meanwhile, the Red Skull acclimates to the omnipotence of his merging with the energy of the shattered Cosmic Cube. Kang, claiming that the Skull's ascendance could benefit him as well, offers a tip on how to assure his godhood. When Steve and Sharon return to Steve's apartment, they're alarmed to find the Watcher waiting for them, heralding the Red Skull's return. The Skull briefly taunts his enemies by demonstrating his reality warping powers and invincibility before leaving to conquer the Earth. The Watcher offers Steve and Sharon a glimpse of the future post-apocalyptic world of the very next day, instilling in Captain America the urgency of stopping the Skull, something only he can do.


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