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Nick Fury

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Synopsis for "Hidden Paths"

After having subdued Nefaria, Captain America and Sharon Carter rescue Ka-Zar and Shanna from the villain's facility. However, the clone of Matthew dies in the process, a side-effect of Nefaria's aging technology which allows his clones to mature into adulthood so quickly. Upon the completion of their mission, Cap and Sharon talk about their complex relationship. However, their moment is interrupted by Nick Fury. In New York, AIM has revived Protocide and informed him that Captain America is his enemy. Elsewhere in New York, Steve Rogers keeps his previously arranged date with Connie Ferrari. Nick Fury takes a leave of absence from SHIELD and promotes Sharon Carter as the organization's new director.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are published from: Chris Hsu, Don Winslow, Scott Bobnick, Wlfred D. Devoe, and Kyle Moyer.
  • Sharon Carter is named the new director of SHIELD in this issue.

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