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Captain America

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Synopsis for "Maelstrom Within"

Extra-Dimensional creatures have invaded the earth and attack Conne Ferrari. Fortunately, Captain America rescues Connie from the creatures. Connie makes her way to Steve Rogers apartment (who has changed back to his secret identity) and listens to Connie as she recalls what has happened to her. Not much later, Steve changes back into his Captain Americs uniform to investigate further. He encounters a man called Sarron, who says he can use Captain America's shield and his dimensional oscillator to create a portal to expel the demons. The two go to the top of the Statue of Liberty and Cap allows his shield to be placed in the dimensional oscillator. Suddenly, Sarron transforms into the 4-D man and reveals that he is Mercurio and has duped Cap into assisiting him in escaping Earth and go through a portal back to his home planet. Cap noted that he sensed a trap and springs into action. Vibrations from Mercurio's oscillator is causing the Statue of Liberty to vibrate and fall apart. Cap disengages his shield from the dimensional oscillator and Mercurio appears to either disinegrate or transport elsewhere.


  • This issue is part of the "Maximum Security" storyline. This particular story is meant to occur concurrently with Maximum Security Vol 1 1, as it refers to the other Avengers being away on a mission to space that happens there. The end of the issue then suggests the story continues in Maximum Security Vol 1 2. However, likely due to a miscommunication among the writers, Cap ends up being a part of the space mission in Maximum Security Vol 1 1, where the Avengers learn about the plan to turn Earth into a prison planet, a plan that Cap shows ignorance of in this issue. The fixed reading order puts this issue before Maximum Security Vol 1 1 as a result, and one can assume the Avengers space mission Cap mentions here is another earlier one that happens off-panel.
  • In this issue, it is revealed that Steve Rogers keeps a motorcycle on the roof of his Brooklyn apartment. It is not determined if this is the same custom motorcycle that he has had since Captain America Vol 1 259. It does not have its distinctive red, white, and blue paint job.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are pubished from: Ed Homas, Edgar J. Williams, Jeff Stoltman, Phillip Beale, Brad Turner, Auge DeBlieck, Jr., and Warren Nast.
  • Mercurio uses his Karl Sarron identity this issue. Sarron was a human that he absorbed and transformed with his dimensional oscillator in Thor Vol 1 208. It appears from this issue, that he is able to disguise himself as a fascimile of Sarron.

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