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Appearing in "America Lost Part I of IV"

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Other Characters:

  • Norm
  • Duke
  • Stevie (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "America Lost Part I of IV"

In the present, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan get ready to attend a funeral. Three days earlier, employees of Trident Construction in Louisiana are on strike; they are approached by a man named Adam Hauser who promises to help their cause. Hauser says Mexican scabs are coming to take their jobs and gives them a location where they can find them, encouraging them to take violent action. He gives the workers white hoods and they assault and kill the Mexican workers at a hotel.

Fury visits Cap at Avengers Mansion and finds him pummeling some training robots. Fury says he knows Cap’s girlfriend has left; Cap tells him to drop it. Agent Carter bursts in and is upset that Fury had not told her he is re-assuming the directorship of SHIELD. He wants her in the field again to go after the Red Skull, who has taken possession of a SHIELD helicarrier.

With Iron Man’s help, they discover that Skull has hidden the helicarrier underwater in the Gulf of Mexico. They also learn of the attack on the Mexicans, who turn out to be innocent tourists and not scab workers; not only that, but the construction workers themselves are being mind-controlled; they are not construction workers at all. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Hauser is working with the Red Skull to foment these hate crimes.

Back in the present, Nick Fury and Dugan arrive at the site of a coffin in the desert, draped with an American flag.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are published from: Ryan Myers, Dean Hill, Quinton Arledge, Lars Meyer, and
  • On the cover of this issue is the number "512". This would be the correct number of the issue if it were still in the numerical sequence of Captain America Vol 1.

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