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The Red Skull

Appearing in "America Lost Part II of IV"

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  • "Buzzie"




Synopsis for "America Lost Part II of IV"

Sharon arrives to attend the funeral with Fury and Dugan; it is implied to be Cap’s funeral. Four days earlier, Cap swims in the Gulf of Mexico and finally comes upon the stolen helicarrier. Cap infiltrates the ship after fighting off some scuba guards. Elsewhere, Nick Fury is visiting one of the Louisiana towns where the hate crimes occurred, when he is attacked by locals. He fights them off and learns that a man named Hauser has been inciting the race riots. Then a group of whites comes along to kill the blacks and Mexicans; Fury fights alongside them, though they are vastly outnumbered.

To everyone’s surprise, the underwater helicarrier suddenly surfaces. Cap has fought his way to the command center, where he finds the Red Skull celebrating his victory with wine. Protected by a force field, he says America will soon tear itself apart from within. He opens a trap door that ejects Cap from the ship.

In the present, the Avengers arrive for the funeral.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are published from: Natlaie Mourra, Amber Vanderlinden, Ellen Du Pre, Jennifer Cole, Johanna Mendez Alberich. By design, all letters this month were from females readers.
  • The cover of this issue has the number "513". This would be the actual issue number if this title remained in the same numerical sequence of Captain America Vol 1.

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