Quote1.png The Red Skull is at it again. Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "America Lost Part III of IV"

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Synopsis for "America Lost Part III of IV"

More heroes, including Namor, arrive for a funeral heavily implied to be Captain America's. Three days ago, Cap plummets from the stolen Helicarrier but is rescued by Sharon in her flying car, barely escaping destruction from the Helicarrier’s cannons. They plunge into the water and are saved by Namor. While at first reluctant to fight for American lives, Namor is convinced by Cap’s nobility to join them against the Skull.

On the ground, Hauser adopts an array of guises to incite hate among various demographic groups. Later he converses with the Skull aboard a helicarrier, who reminds him that Hauser only exists because of the Skull’s machinations, and the Skull is the one in charge now. A beaten and captive Nick Fury is brought before the villains and they bring him to a viewing platform so that he can watch the coming race riots that will tear the country apart.

Unbeknown to Hauser or the Red Skull, Namor, Cap, and Sharon Carter have infiltrated their base and witness small ships bringing hundreds of brainwashed citizens up to the helicarrier. The hotheaded Namor instantly attacks, but is leveled by high-tech stolen SHIELD blasters. The other heroes are soon immobilized as well. Hauser finally reveals himself to the heroes as the Hate-Monger, who is now comprised of pure negative energy.

In the present, the heroes at the funeral wait for one final guest to arrive.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "American Grafitti". Letters are published from: Sabrina Riedl, Kevin Benninger, Michael Conway, Joe Zabaga, Paul D. Jedejewska-Selman, and Michael Johnson.
  • It is revelaed that the Hate-Monger is a manifestation of the Red Skull's interaction with the Cosmic Cube. He is not a construct of Arnim Zola, or a clone of Adolf Hitler but creature of emotion.
  • The cover of this issue is erroneously numbered "515". If this was to indicate the orginal numbering of Captain America Vol 1, the number should have been "514". Next issue will also be numbered "515".

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