Quote1 Hate doesn't motivate me. My love for my country does...and you can never beat that. Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "America Lost Part IV of IV"

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Synopsis for "America Lost Part IV of IV"

In the present, the heroes gathered for the funeral recap recent events, up to the revelation that the Hate-Monger was revealed to be working alongside the Red Skull. Three days earlier, Cap, Namor, Fury, and Sharon Carter are at the mercy of Red Skull and Hate-Monger aboard the stolen helicarrier. Hate-Monger is now more powerful than ever, thanks to the Cosmic Cube, who crystallized this new version from the Skull’s own racial hatred and memories of Hitler. He plans to use the equipment from SHIELD psi-division to link together and amplify the hatred of the people they’ve already captured and brainwashed.

They release Cap and try to draw out the hatred they believe lurks within him, but his love for America allows him to power through the psychic assault, and he grabs the Skull by the neck. Unfortunately Namor has already succumbed to the hate, and attacks Captain America as an enemy. After exchanging blows Cap is able to talk him down and his words also penetrate the brainwashing of the citizens aboard. When Hate-Monger tries to activate this new Hate-Ray, the feedback causes his own body to dissipate; Cap’s shield then takes out the incredulous Red Skull.

Three days later, Cap himself finally arrives at the funeral, accompanied by Bucky’s sister, Rebecca Barnes. Cap talks about the sacrifice that Bucky made, and wishes to give him a proper funeral that he never received. He also commemorates the spot with a sculpture of Bucky by Alicia Masters, and a folded American flag is given to his sister to honor him.

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