Quote1.png We're going to Lemuria. Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Ice: Part III of V"

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Synopsis for "Ice: Part III of V"

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  • General Phillips has been a recurring character for Steve Rogers since his creation as America's Super Soldier. Phillips hand picked Rogers for the Operation Rebirth due to his patriotic fire. Phillips also oversaw Rogers' training, his eventual selection as Captain America over other notable candidates, as well as coordinating some of Roger's earliest Golden Age adventures. Although this issue provides much detail to his death and final moments, the character is revealed to be an imposter, an agent of the Interrogator in Captain America: America's Avenger #1.
  • Captain America: America's Avenger #1 also notes that the action in this issue occurs in Nebraska. Barring a major unrevealed hypnosis, the Chester Phillips imposter is killed in a Kentucky rest home.

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