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Quote1 Yep... got a call from Nick Fury, said you might need a friend. Quote2

Appearing in "The Winter Soldier: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "The Winter Soldier: Part 4"

Aleksander Lukin greets a group of wealthy businessmen and shows them the Cosmic Cube. He starts the bidding at $100,000,000,000.

In Steve Rogers' apartment, he shows Nick Fury and Sharon Carter the file that detailed how Bucky Barnes was turned into the Winter Soldier. They argue over how much of Bucky still remains in the Winter Soldier.

In 1941, Rogers sees Bucky in action for the first time. He's unsure whether he wants such a young partner, but he agrees to meet him.

Present day, Carter meets up with Rogers to convince him that they might have to kill the Winter Soldier. Rogers doesn't listen so Carter tells Fury to make a call.

Lukin is trying to sell the Cosmic Cube when one of the businessmen suggests that it might not be legitimate. Lukin uses the cube to summon contracts turning over everything they own to him. He also uses the cube to convince them that they want to sign these contracts. After leaving the meeting, Lukin loses his strength and falls over, dropping the cube. He becomes furious when Leon attempts to pick it up for him.

Rogers leaps across rooftops, trying to reason out his best course of action.

In 1944, Rogers and Bucky are in battle alongside the British. They are making progress in taking a bridge when what appears to be a crowd of released prisoners returning. Bucky realizes that something is wrong and screams out.

Present day, Rogers sees a man assaulting a woman in an alley. He throws his shield without breaking his train of thought.

1944, Rogers and Bucky try to stop the crowd from approaching when the crowd explodes, destroying the bridge.

Present day, Rogers continues to leap across building tops until he's approached by the Falcon.


Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
Bucky / James Barnes

Captain America / Steve Rogers

Red Skull / Johann Schmidt

Publication Notes[]

  • This issue contains a letters page, Freedom of Speech. Letters are published from Rogerio, Pierre Comtois, Jason Hart, Mary Borsellino, and Matt Yocum.

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