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Quote1 Won't be much future if this Lukin guy goes biblical with the Cube. Quote2

Appearing in "The Winter Soldier: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "The Winter Soldier: Part 5"

Aleksander Lukin sits beside Leon in the clinic after nearly killing him. He declares that "this cannot continue."

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are in Rogers' apartment. Rogers catches Wilson up on everything that's happened to him recently regarding the Winter Soldier and the Cosmic Cube.

Lukin orders the Winter Soldier to kill anyone that tries to touch the Cosmic Cube. The Winter Soldier questions this order, which Lukin warns him not to do again. A voice asks Lukin why he's sending the cube away, to which Lukin responds that he no longer needs it and that it's cursed.

The next morning, Captain America, Falcon, and Iron Man attack a warehouse owned by Advanced Ideas in Destruction. They disarm the A.I.D. soldiers, including one in a large mech suit, and they capture a scientist that can help them track the cube. At Stark Enterprises, they trace the cube to a plane flying to a research facility, but Stark says that Iron Man can not be seen attacking a Kronas facility without losing his company.

Wilson and Rogers fly to the facility, but Carter calls them aboard the plane to figure out where they are. The two get out of the plane and scout the facility. The Winter Soldier sees them, lines up his shot, and fires.


Publication Notes[]

  • This issue contains a letters page, Freedom of Speech. Letters are published from David Allen, Skylar, Lars Meyer, Peter Woodcock, Ricky Cruz, and Andrew Burke.

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