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Quote1 Remember! Remember who you really are! Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "The Winter Soldier: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Winter Soldier: Conclusion"

Falcon and Cap go on a final mission to get the cube. It leads to a fight between the Winter Soldier and Cap. Cap tries to reason with Bucky, but seemingly fails, but as Steve picks up the cube and asks Bucky to remember who he really is, Bucky remembers all he's done as the Winter Soldier, and grabs the cube, and shatters it. All believe he is dead, but Cap holds hope. As the issue ends we find Bucky at the military camp where he first met cap. Also we find Lukin speaking with Skull about how they are cursed to be stuck together, where Skull responds: "Yes...For now..."


Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
Bucky / Winter Soldier / James Barnes

Chronology Notes[]

Captain America / Steve Rogers

Publication Notes[]

  • This cover is a partial reproduction of Captain America Comics #27, (June, 1943).
  • This issue contains a letters page, Freedom of Speech. Letters are published from: Bill Mumy, Leslie Lee, Jesse Ojeda, Pierre Comtois, and Andrew C.


  • The letter writer Bill Mumy is best known as the child actor Billy Mumy and specifically his character Will Robinson in the TV series "Lost In Space".

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