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Quote1 To Steve Rogers...the best of us. Quote2

Appearing in "The Death of the Dream: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The Death of the Dream: Part Two"

Sharon and the Contessa[]

Walking down a New York street Sharon Carter tells the Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine about her meeting with the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark. She tells her that five days ago she found out that S.H.I.E.L.D. had snuck Captain America's body out of the hospital to run tests on it, it being the only perfect example of a working Super-Soldier Serum, and when she forced her way into the room housing him the body had begun to shrivel. According to Stark, the lab believes the serum is "reversing" itself. Staring at the body Carter cries "what did [she] do" then changes it to an accusation against Stark. When he says that seeing his friend like that is "killing [him]" she slaps him and quits the organization. Wrapping up their conversation with talk of Nick Fury--who probably already knows she quit--and how little she even cares what her life will be like without S.H.I.E.L.D. they arrive at their destination, a bar.

The Wake[]

Inside, a number of heroes are having a wake, including Samuel "Falcon" Wilson who feels like he's been there for hours. Sharon seeks him out and tells him his speech was beautiful before he asks about her quitting S.H.I.E.L.D.. He tells her that Steve wouldn't have wanted her throwing her career away, and she replies that she's "no good anymore." When he tells her it wasn't her fault and there was nothing she could do she begins to argue but is cut off by Rick Jones coming over to pay his respects. Wilson takes the opportunity to leave the bar altogether and Jones, unsure what else to say, mentions to Sharon that he's going to play a set later before she excuses herself to the restroom where she cries and remembers Sin's message from Dr. Faustus.

Falcon flies over the city, a little upset that all of the heroes at the wake were on the opposite side of Cap during the Superhero Civil War. Over Central Park he sees a candlelight vigil made up of people pro- and anti-registration and figures somehow Captain America would have been proud to see that.

The Other Side[]

Elsewhere, Red Skull and his daughter Sin watch a news broadcast about the candlelight vigil which ends with a note that the shooting is still being investigated, but "one man" was arrested at the scene. Sin becomes upset that the media doesn't say Crossbones' name, but her father calms her and tells her the right people will know of his sacrifices. He then asks if she's chosen her subordinates and tells her to "get on with [her] duties." Stepping into the hall he meets with Dr. Faustus who asks him if he intends to be at their planned meeting. Skull replies with derision and Faustus angrily replies that "[he]'s not the one sharing [his] mind with another man" and the begin a civil argument, both noting that they need each other or they would have nothing to do with each other. Arnim Zola interrupts their conversation to show them his progress and takes them to see a device reverse engineered from a piece of Victor von Doom's tech. He says he'll soon have the item ready to suit their needs and time itself will open to them, and Red Skull corrects him that it's him, not them.

The Secret Wake[]

The unregistered heroes hold their own wake for Captain America, with Luke Cage praising the speech Wilson gave and Wilson apologizing for the fact that none of them could have been at the public ceremony. Cage notes that Wildon is now on the registered list to which Wilson replies that he felt he had to register so Cap wouldn't be buried alone and when he did he had Stark give him Harlem to patrol. Discussing the actual shooting, Cage posits that Rogers "lost heart" after his battle with Iron Man thus he put him in front of the bullets, intentional or not. Peter Parker, having reviewed the footage repeatedly, says there was only one shot and Cap pushed a guard out of the way, saving him and killing himself. Spider-Woman changes the subject and the unregistered heroes toast the fallen, then Falcon's pager goes off.

How it Begins[]

James Barnes watches the funeral of Captain America from a bar, unable to go to the funeral himself. While he sits, he overhears people discuss the death. When someone playing pool says burying him in Arlington is a disgrace, Barnes crushes his glass in his hand and confronts him, beginning a fight even though he knows Steve would go a different route. Punching one person leads to fighting the entire bar and the bartender calling the police, and as he's the only man standing he knows Steve would be ashamed of him. Falcon enters and, after Barnes praises his speech, offers to get take him out of the bar before the police arrive. He decides to pay his tab first, and when he does sees Tony Stark speaking at the funeral and decides then to kill him.

Solicit Synopsis

While the Marvel Universe reels from the bizarre and shocking incidents of last issue, and repercussions ripple outward, the Winter Soldier finally chooses a side, after the Civil War has ended - his own. But what are the Red Skull and his minions up to behind the scenes. These questions and more will be answered as the most shocking Cap story so far races right through the aftermath of the Civil War!


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