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Quote1 His name means nothing...not anymore. Quote2
Red Skull

Appearing in "The Death of the Dream Part Six"

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Synopsis for "The Death of the Dream Part Six"

Tony Stark, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., is remotely managing Agents as they search the home of Dr. Benjamin, a S.H.I.E.L.D. psychiatrist who's gone missing and is the only connection between a number of Agents who have also gone missing. Black Widow calls in to make a progress report, which he has to put on hold when his Agents announce that they've found Benjamin dead in his deep freezer--apparently haven been there for weeks.

In the Kronas building, Winter Soldier is being badly beaten by Crossbones while Aleksander Lukin--putting on a Red Skull--watches asking if the Lukin [he] knew would ever volunteer to work with Red Skull. Winter Soldier thinks to himself that he deserves to lose the fight, but fights back refusing to do so. Once Sin leaps onto his back he throws her at her boyfriend, then takes them both down while the new Red Skull praises his efforts.

Saying that Crossbones killed his friend and he doesn't have many, Winter Soldier picks him up by the throat choking him. Watching, Red Skull notes that "Rogers would never think of cold blooded murder as an option" and Winter Soldier releases the shooter, wheels around to Red Skull and says he shouldn't even say his name. Winter Soldier grabs him by the jacket and holds him against the window saying Red Skull is the one who deserves to die, and Skull asks is "deserve" really a word he wants to be using. After Winter Soldier yells "go to hell", Red Skull challenges him to send him there--which Rogers never could--which would keep him from finding out who betrayed him. After that he uses a "one time only shutdown code" from Winter Soldier's Soviet masters--Sputnik--to cause him to pass out on the spot, not satisfied that he has the killer instinct in him.

In his apartment, Sam Wilson talks to his Falcon Redwing whom is urging him to allow him back on patrol and questioning him about his burns. Redwing warns him when Black Widow attempts to stealthily enter his window and after a near confrontation she tells him she knows they're both looking for Winter Soldier, though possibly for different reasons.

Sharon Carter, at first disbelieving but eventually accepting, gets a positive result on a home pregnancy test and cries out to Steve.

Tony Stark reads the letter received from Captain America and says he's craving a drink which he knows Cap wouldn't want for him. He calls up a computer program named "Fallen Son" and reviews Captain America's death looking for the second shooter.

Winter Soldier is strapped on to a bed, forced to watch the death of Cap again when Dr. Faustus enters and says he's been waiting a long time to meet him. He says he's heard so much about "Bucky" that he feels he knows him, but when Winter Soldier says he "doesn't know Jack" he admits that that's true for now, but wagers that in days it will be a different story.

Sharon Carter cries in her shower, remembering kissing, then shooting Captain America. She also reflects on his finals words to her--"You take my breath away"--and realizes he knew she was the one who shot him.

Watching the footage again, Stark agonizes over the lack of a clear shot of the killer, blaming Nick Fury for the satellites being out of place and wondering why Sharon didn't see anything when it hits him that she may have done it. He calls his secretary to have her see if Dr. Benjamin had inoperative agents on his client list.

Falcon, Black Widow, and Redwing head towards Sharon Carter's apartment, having decided to join forces and try to get her to join with them. In her home, Carter is dressed and seeing Dr. Faustus in the window.

Stark confirms that Carter was on Benjamin's list of clients and, damning himself for not suspecting it earlier, begins changing into his Iron Man Suit and contacts Black Widow. He tells her they have a "big problem" with Agent 13 when Carter steps out of her back room and shoots Falcon, Redwing, and Black Widow down. When she doesn't reply, Stark broadcasts for a "Quick Response Team" to her global position, planning to meet them there and thinking to himself that "it's all falling apart out there."

Solicit Synopsis

The best-selling Captain America series continues its most shocking story ever! It's the Winter Soldier versus everyone in this senses-shattering conclusion to the first arc of the EPIC "*Death of Captain America*" storyline. Winter Soldier versus Crossbones - the man who sniped Cap! Winter Soldier versus S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony Stark's hand-picked Mighty Avengers operative! Winter Soldier versus the Red Skull! And finally - the Winter Soldier versus himself! You'll have to be there to see it! By Brubaker, Epting and Perkins.



The shown sections of Captain America's letter to Iron Man read:


If you're reading this
things have gone worse
than either of us

The worst is to happen, I'm trusting you to do
two things: Don't let Bucky drift back into
anger and confusion. He has a chance at a
new life - help him find his way. Save him for
me. And as for Captain America, the part
of it that is bigger than me-that's always
been bigger than me-don't let it die, Tony.

America needs a Captain, maybe now more
than ever. Don't let that dream die


Steve Rogers

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