Appearing in "The Burden of the Dreams (Part 2)"

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  • unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. professor




Synopsis for "The Burden of the Dreams (Part 2)"

The gun that Bucky fired (last issue) has blanks. It also electrocutes him after firing it. The mind control hasn't worked on Bucky, yet. Dr. Faustus has Bucky's arms bound with restraints made from an adamantium mesh and he is thrown in a room By Faustus' R.A.I.D. soldiers. Black Widow and Falcon discover the hideout and charge in. Dr. Faustus is forced to flee with Sharon Carter, Agent-13, who is trying to battle her own mind control at Faustus' hands. The bad guys escape, but Agent-13 is able to free Bucky on the way. The Black Widow places him under arrest.

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