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-- Arnim Zola

Appearing in "The Death of Captain America, Act 2 - The Burden of Dreams: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "The Death of Captain America, Act 2 - The Burden of Dreams: Part 5"

After the tragedy of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents opening fire on protestors in front of the White House last night, Senator Gordon Wright declares that a private agency, Kane-Meyer Securities, will now be in charge of guarding the White House. Of course, Dr. Faustus has already gotten to Senator Gordon, and Kane-Meyers Securities is a Kronos Corporation subsidiary.

Dr. Faustus engineers a new riot in Washington D.C. by arranging for children to hand out water bottles that are tainted with chemicals to make people afraid and angry. It doesn't take much and a full riot begins. Bucky changes into his Captain America garb and tries to stop major damage and casualties. He then rushes to the Senat offices as the Black Widow sends him a tip in his earpiece that a helicopter just arrived there. James breaks in and sees Sin, the Red Skull's daughter, and the Serpent Society have just broken in.

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