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Captain America

Appearing in "The Burden of Dreams (Part 6)"

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Synopsis for "The Burden of Dreams (Part 6)"

Short Summary

Bucky, the new Captain America, takes on and defeats Sin, the Serpent Squad, and Crossbones in the White House, breaking his ribs in the process. S.H.I.E.L.D. takes custody of three of the defeated supervillains (the others escape in a helicopter), and Bucky attempts to pacify an angry mob of citizens, who reject him as the new Captain America. Meanwhile, Sharon Carter tries to escape from Armin Zola's laboratory and soon discovers what appears to be a human body inside a metal tank.

Long Summary

Previously, Dr. Faustus has cooked up a scheme to boost the public image of Kane-Meyer Security by have Kane-Meyer agents rescue Senator Gordon Wright from a staged attack by the Sin and the Serpent Squad. Bucky, however, stumbles upon this in the middle of it, and starts fighting the supposed attackers. He is doing poorly, and reflects that he may have been a tad bit overconfident in thinking that he could defeat them all, but still insists to his partner, Black Widow, whom he is communicating with by means of his helmet, that he has the situation under control. She doesn't buy it and informs him that she is on her way to come help him.

Meanwhile, Senator Gordon Wright is watching the fight from across the hall, and calls Dr. Faustus to inform him of the intruder's presence, although he doesn't realize that it is Captain America. Bucky gains the upper hand in the fight by knocking out Viper then using his shield to stun Eel before shooting both Eel and Sin. Crossbones arrives on the scene, witnesses Sin (his girlfriend) being shot, and, enraged, shoots Bucky in the back (this only knocks him down, due to his bulletproof armor), then proceeds to try to kill him, urged on by the injured Sin. Bucky recovers and the two fight.

Meanwhile, Red Skull is talking with Arnim Zola via a video link. Zola says that in half an hour he will "know for certain" about something, something which Red Skull says is "interesting and fortuitous." Dr. Faustus arrives and says that there's been a complication in his plan concerning the Senator.

Back at the White House, Bucky and Crossbones are still fighting, with Crossbones winning. He tells Cobra to get Sin out. An agent from Kane-Meyer escorts Wright out of the building, saying that Faustus' plan will still work, and that they'll just edit the footage to show him being saved by Kane-Meyer men.

Bucky is thrown out of a window by Crossbones, but he lands on the hood of a flying car driven by Black Widow. Bucky shoots Crossbones in the chest, and good-naturedly tells Black Widow that she took here sweet time in getting to the White House. She replies that she had to hijack the car. The two go back to the room where the fight took place, where Crossbones, still alive but unconscious, is lying on the floor. Eel and Viper are unconscious as well. Bucky, despite several broken ribs, tells Black Widow to get an emergency evac squad for the prisoners and leaves. King Cobra, flying away in a helicopter with an unconscious Sin in tow, radios Faustus and Skull to ask for instructions. He informs the two that they were attacked by a new Captain America, and Red Skull bursts out laughing, saying, "Don't you see who it must be? It's almost too perfect."

Bucky confronts the angry mob that is rampaging through the city and tries to pacify them. They don't listen, and riot police show up and attack them.

Later, Tony Stark is watching TV (rumors about the new Captain America and coverage of the faux attack on Senator Wright) while assuring the Vice-President, on the phone, that he doesn't know anything about the new Captain America.

At Bucky's hideout, he talks with Black Widow while lifting weights. She says that Crossbones is still unconscious after surgery, and the other two Serpent Squad members didn't know anything valuable but the location of their safehouse, which is being gone over by a forensics team from S.H.I.E.L.D., and also that the Falcon may have found a clue as to the location of Sharon Carter. She also tells him that due to S.H.I.E.L.D. operations being under intense scrutiny for the next few months, she will not be seeing much of him. The two reminisce about the old days and their old romance, and then Black Widow gives Bucky a parting kiss to "let you know I haven't forgotten."

In Armin Zola's lab, Sharon Carter is taking advantage of the distraction caused by Sin's injury to escape. Back in Zola's lab, Sharon Carter is shocked to see that the body in the metal tank is that of Steve Rogers.

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