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Quote1.png That's how I know who he is. From the scars. Quote2.png
Sharon Carter

Appearing in "The Man Who Bought America (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Bought America (Part 2)"

Sharon Carter finds out the man she recovered was not the Steve Rogers who is father of her unborn daughter but his 1950s successor, Steve Rogers II who became irrational due to a problem with his Super Soldier Serum. But while Jack Monroe recovered to become a close personal friend of HER Steve, the 1950s Rogers was forced to become the mind controller slave of Dr. Faustus in the identity of the Grand Director. She decides to kill the 1950s Rogers to prevent him from being used again. But she is stopped before she can kill the 1950s Rogers.

Barnes and Wilson are continueing their pursuit of Red Skull and Faustus to recover Sharon Carter. Barnes is getting used to thinking of himself as a legitimate successor of his mentor in the role of Captain America as he thinks "Much as I hate to call them that... to realize death and combat are this comfortable to me. But they are." but not for his own personal indulgence but because "I care about not letting him down. That whatever faith he is putting in me is not misplaced" as Wilson was Rogers I's closest friend and earlier successor to the role of Captain America and Wilson has been reliably supporting Barnes in the position.

Despite Wilson and Barnes defeating the A.I.M. agents, Zola escapes with his goal and returns to the Red Skull and the duo no closer to finding the Red Skull's hidden base.

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