Quote1 Oh...tell me that is NOT Batroc the Leaper. Quote2
-- Bucky Barnes

Appearing in "Time's Arrow (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Time's Arrow (Part 1)"

In Shanghai, 1942, Cap, Bucky and the Human Torch are on a mission to find a kid scientist named Zhang Chin, pretending to be Germans. Their contact lead them to their objective at factory. But near the entrance, they encounter Chinese soldiers, who fire on them. The Invaders retaliate, charging their way in.

In the present, after having slept with Black Widow, Bucky is reminiscing over his sins as the Winter Soldier. Widow, covered with only a blanket, reminds him of his deeds as the new Captain America, having proven himself to the unregistered superheroes. He points out that it was mostly Falcon's word that done so and still can't forget all his sins. Widow reminds him that he is no more to blame than what Sharon Carter did to Steve Rogers; he acknowledges this and asks how Carter is doing; Widow responds that she's left S.H.I.E.L.D., with Falcon keeping an eye on her. Bucky then decides to go out into the city to get his mind off his past.

Meanwhile, a man with a trenchcoat and hat approaches a security guard at the United Nations building, speaking in French, before kicking the guard through the glass door. The man throws his coat aside, revealing himself to be Batroc the Leaper. He has his mercenaries scour the place for an unspecific objective. Elsewhere, Bucky receives word of the breakin on his police scanner. He arrives at the UN and fights against the mercenaries. He is able to match up with Batroc in skill, only to be shot by an energy weapon from behind, pushing him hard onto a car, exposing the shield on his back. Batroc notices this and smiles with glee, as he and his men drive away. Bucky then puts on his Captain America costume, calling Widow to assist in, as police turn up.

Widow's contact at the UN, Ollie, is able to get Bucky out the tight spot. He shows both of them the lab where Batroc was searching.

Flashing back to 1942, while the superpowered members of the Invaders distract the Chinese military, Bucky locates Chin, who is simply fascinated with the Torch's abilities.

Going back to the present, Batroc is meeting with a shadowed mean, who informs him of the appearance of the new Captain America. He presents pictures of the former. The man then starts talking in Chinese, recognizing Bucky as the White Soldier and declares that his "leader" will be more than pleased.


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