Quote1 Wait. I know you. From the war...from long were Captain America's saved me...and you come to do me in? Now...after all these years...? Quote2
-- Professor Zhang Chin

Appearing in "Time's Arrow (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Time's Arrow (Part 2)"

In 1968, the Winter Soldier infiltrates Beijing, China, sent on a mission to assassinate Professor Zhang Chin discreetly, killing anyone who sees him.

In the present, Captain America and Black Widow are meeting with the latter's United Nations contact, Ollie, who is being transferred to Madripoor, not just because he brought an unregistered hero to the UN, but because the UN is afraid of what he may have shown Cap in their database. Widow assures Bucky that Nick Fury and Tony Stark erased all traces of the Winter Soldier from existence but believes that the UN doesn't want any Captain America to find out what they are hiding. They split up to do their own investigations into this. Bucky personally looks to his black market contacts as to information regarding Batroc.

Elsewhere, Batroc is interrogating a man named Doctor Penfield, demanding to know where a certain UN facility is located. Once Penfield caves, Batroc calls his employer, who is more interested in making sure the new Captain America also learns of this.

Meanwhile, Bucky locates the apartment of an ex-special forces soldier named Griffin and locates information regarding transportation of Batroc's target. Next day, he goes to intercept Batroc as a convoy carrying the unspecified item is moving. He engages Batroc in combat but then, out of nowhere, a shadowy figure appears, knocking him off the truck.

Flashing back to 1968, the Winter Soldier holds Chin at gunpoint. Chin recognizes the Winter Soldier as Bucky; Bucky is surprised, as he was mindwiped by the Soviets. Then out of nowhere, Chin's shadowy bodyguard appears to protect him.


  • A variant cover for this issue was done by Sal Buscema.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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