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Quote1.png I realize I wasn't totally truthful with Natasha...I didn't just go back to face my past...I needed, more than anything in the world, to save something from the past...for a change. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Old Friends and Enemies (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Old Friends and Enemies (Part 3)"

Chin reveals to Bucky of his plan to use his Torch virus to eradicate thirty to fifty percent of the Earth's population, driven by his philosophy that the growing populace is depleting their planet's resources, which his superiors considered crazy. Bucky challenges his hypocrisy for the death of one woman. Chin acknowledges this, but then, the Man With No Face notes that the virus is failing to work on Namor, which is due to his half-Atlantean physiology. Then, out of nowhere, the shield strikes the glass, freeing Namor.

Black Widow then shows herself, firing a capsule that released an electric shock at the Man With No Face, knocking him cold. Chin escapes the commotion, determined to complete his plan. His men then try to bar the trio's way, but Namor plows right though them. They quickly get to Chin, who is arming his virus bomb. However, the Man With No Face is back up and prevents Bucky from harming Chin. Namor distracts the intangible entity but is incapable of touching him. Chin attempts to assist his agent, only to be swatted away hard. With time running out, Bucky takes a risk by severing the virus container from the detonator with the shield, saving the world.

Nearby, Chin croaks his last breath before dying. The Man With No Face becomes frantic, scared that he is the only survivor. He accidentally renders himself tangible and vulnerable by touching his master, allowing Namor to snap his neck. Bucky and Widow considers its unnecessary but Namor states that neither of them deserved pity, considering that they've attempted to kill him with the remains of Jim Hammond, his former Invader teammate. Bucky reluctantly agrees with hi, considering what the UN attempted to do to him. Their friend deserves to be buried as a war hero, not an object; Namor comments that he sounded like the old Bucky Barnes he knows but for a moment he sounded just like Steve Rogers.

After destroying Chin's lab to eradicate any possible virus samples, the trio, with the Torch's body in tow, leave Taiwan. Widow punches Bucky for keeping secrets from her. He apologizes for it, but he had to face his past before focusing on the present; Namor comments again that their emotional drivel is going to make him airsick.

A week later, after leaking the UN illegal and unethical experimentation on the Torch, the entire nation grants him a proper burial. Bucky couldn't be there because of his status, but later comes by his grave to pay his respects for his dear old friend.

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