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Quote1.png I took his place before and now... he's outgrown me... He's shed my skin and it's time to take my place... Quote2.png
Jack Monroe

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Synopsis for "The Lonesome Death of Jack Monroe"

One year prior to his death, Jack Monroe pays a visit to Jane Foster for her to check up on him. She discovers that, due to the nanites placed in Jack’s system by SHIELD, the super-Soldier serum in him is slowly but painfully being rejected by his body, and any cure could kill him faster. Foster suggests going to SHIELD for help, but he refuses, believing he has had enough of them, and also not wanting to involve Cap, despite him being his only friend.

As he leaves, Monroe then remembers his time with William Burnside, and how their serum was tainted so that it slowly drove them insane. He remembers their encounter with the real Cap and Falcon, and how Cap later gave him the identity of Nomad. He muses that that identity was probably the only time he had an alias to call his own. However, he still feels that he is a nobody.

Two months later, Monroe decides to become Nomad again, hoping to go out with a bang, and also to find his adoptive daughter - Bucky. After defeating some roof criminals, however, he ends up coughing up blood, and is bedridden for a couple of days. He starts to have illusions of Bucky mocking him, which only get worse as time goes on. Foster tries to have him come in for the illusions, but Monroe refuses. Eventually, after a week long black out session, he finds Bucky’s adoption records.

One month later, Monroe briefly goes to Bucky’s home in Pittsburgh, but chickens out just as she notices (but does not recognize) him, her name now being Julia Winters. Seeing that she has a happy life, a halfhearted Monroe goes to a bar, where he overheard a drug dealer bragging about selling at Bucky’s elementary school. He decides to make his last mission to take down the dealers. He works his way up the chain, taking down the small-time dealers before working his way up the chain.

Nomad continues at it for a few months, but his mind continues to deteriorate, and he starts facing an identity crisis. After nine months following his diagnosis, he manages to identify the dealer, Gunnar, but also runs out of medication. Just then, Monroe learns along with Gunnar that the Avengers have disbanded.

Almost like that, Monroe loses three whole months, but finds himself fighting a biker gang, and that his mind has cleared. After defeating them, he interrogates them about Gunnar’s next shipment. He walks away, and it is revealed that the “gang” were actually normal people.

Monroe goes to the bar to intercept Gunnar, but he doesn’t show up. After the brief encounter with the patrons about Cap, Monroe heads outside, where the Winter Soldier intercepts him. As Monroe is killed, he finally realizes the truth: he replaced Bucky, and now as punishment, Bucky is replacing him again. While Winter Soldier places him in the trunk and drives off, Gunnar arrives, and it is revealed that all along, he was selling not drugs, but ice cream.


Chronology Notes

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Nomad / Jack Monroe

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
Nomad / Jack Monroe

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