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Appearing in "The Winter Soldier: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "The Winter Soldier: Part 2"

A government re-education facility in Nevada is attacked by Crossbones. He takes a girl from the facility.

In Mongolia, Nick Fury, Steve Rogers, and Sharon Carter take a helicopter on their next mission. Rogers insists that they shouldn't let personal baggage get in the way of the mission, to which Sharon responds that he "should have thought of that earlier."

The previous day, Carter approaches Rogers and yells at him for suggesting to Fury that she shouldn't be on the Kronas operation. Rogers explains that Carter shouldn't be on a mission after her ex-boyfriend was killed in a terrorist attack. She argues that it's because he's worried that she'll kill the Winter Soldier, who could possibly be Rogers' old partner Bucky. Carter states that she's going on the mission despite his misgivings.

Present day, Fury confirms the pilot's suspicion that this mission is unauthorized and could cause an international incident.

Two days ago, Fury confides in Rogers that he wasn't going to try to get authorization for the mission because the Winter Soldier had covered his tracks too well. They discuss Lukin's method of operation, of how he owns his own private land on the China-Mongolia border and that he would be there with the Kronas board of directors during the time of the mission. Rogers then brings up Carter's involvement in the mission.

Present day, the helicopters land and Fury, Rogers, and Carter fight alongside several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to neutralize the military security. The S.H.I.E.L.D. force wins the fight and they take the elevator to the boardroom. Rogers defies orders, charges into the room, and begins to violently interrogate Lukin. The Chief of Staff of the US Vice President, who had been sitting in on the meeting, orders Rogers down and ends the assault. Fury has his team leave, which prompts outrage from Rogers. Once Lukin and Leon are alone, Lukin draws on the Cosmic Cube and prepares to use it on a file marked "PROJECT WINTER SOLDIER: CONFIDENTIAL FILES."

At the re-education facility, Crossbones tells the girl that he has taken that her real name is Synthia Scmidt and that she is the daughter of the Red Skull.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Freedom of Speech. Letters are published from Ladd Everitt, Dieter Nagy, Ryan Harvey, Jarrod Alberich, Adrian Watts, and Sophea U.


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