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Quote1 I just saw someone that I haven't seen since 1944. Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "American Dreamers: Part 1"

Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan have come to Paris to attend the funeral of Sharon's aunt, Peggy Carter, but while they are reminiscing, somebody starting shooting at them. Rogers pursues the assailant and discovers that the would-be assassin is someone he once knew from 1944, telling Fury: "I think Jimmy Jankovicz has woken up...."

In a flashback to Paris in 1944, the assailant – Codename: Bravo – Dum Dum, Peggy, Fury and Rogers are secretly discussing sighting of Baron Heinrich Zemo hanging around a group called Hydra and developing new weapons for the Nazis to use in the War. Therefore, they decide to launch a two-pronged attack on the enemy base. And their ace-in-the-hole is Jimmy Jankovicz, also known as Jimmy Jupiter.

In the present, at a top secret government facility in Viginia, Fury, Rogers and Carter learn from a doctor that Jankovicz woke up from a coma six months ago, though he remains catatonic. They all then discuss why Bravo has returned, and Carter suggests that Bravo hasn't made contact "because he hates [her]."

In 1944, Bravo – named Richard – and Peggy are kissing but the latter breaks it off. Bravo figures that she's still fallen for Rogers because he's a supersoldier, then spots the two kissing moments later.

In the present, as they leaving the facility, before Fury can fully explain about Bravo, they are attacked by what appears to be a hit squad wearing modified Hydra suits. Luckily, Rogers had the shield on his back, which protected him, before he starts throwing the shield and knocking out all the assailants. He then tackles Sharon out of the way before a car runs her over. And in the back of the car is Jimmy. Fury then realizes that this was all a set-up, to allow the enemy to locate Jimmy. Sharon asks Rogers why Bravo would be working with Hydra and if something really went wrong on their mission.

Elsewhere, Bravo calls his men to take Jimmy to a safe house. He then walks in a house to talk with Helmut Zemo to plot revenge against Captain America.

Solicit Synopsis

Bestselling Cap writer Ed Brubaker and superstar artist Steve McNiven bring you the next huge chapter in Steve Rogers life, and it's a perfect jumping-on point for fans of the Cap movie. A funeral for a fallen friend turns into a race against time as the original Captain America makes his explosive return!

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Captain America Vol 6 1 Review by Peteparker

Captain America Vol 6 1 Review by Peteparker

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