Quote1.png See, you don't even get to the point, do you?! I just took it all away from you. And I was barely even trying! Your city... your best friend... Hell, even your strength... Quote2.png
-- Codename: Bravo

Appearing in "Powerless (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "Powerless (Part 5)"

Just as Tony prepares to cure Steve, Sharon tells him that the reason Steve has been regressing to his skinny self is because of a nanovirus created by Machinesmith. The nanovirus is designed to mimic red blood cells, making them invisible whenever Tony would run a test on Steve. The nanovirus is also designed to activate whenever Steve's adrenaline levels increase, effectively creating a wall between him and his strength.

Sharon tells Steve that she had to make a deal with Machinesmith so that he could give him the cure. Steve is upset, but Sharon calms him down and promises to talk about it later.

Tony activates a machine that will disintegrate the nanotech Steve is infected with. The process is successful and Steve recovers his superhuman physique.

Steve decides to find Bravo and the Hydra Queen, but Sharon gets a report from Hawkeye. Tony puts up the local news, which depict another Madbomb-riot. The news also show that Falcon has been infected. Steve and Sharon go to address the emergency while Tony stays to find a way to reverse the Madbomb effect.

As Hawkeye tries to hold the rioters off, he realizes some of the rioters are part of Hydra. Suddenly, Falcon attacks him. Fortunately, Captain America arrives and saves Hawkeye. Cap tries to calm Falcon down, but he and rioters continue attacking. Hawkeye tells Cap and Sharon that some of the rioters are Hydra. Cap tries to reason with Falcon, but suddenly, Bravo appears and attacks him with a gun that weakens his nervous system.

Bravo recieves a transmission and retreats, leaving Falcon to kill Cap. Suddenly, Iron Man arrives with a device that dispels the effects of the Madbomb, returning everyone to normal.

As Steve and Sharon return home, he asks her about the deal she made with Machinesmith. Sharon replies that she infecte the robot body Machinesmith escaped in with a virus, which should be erasing his memory right now.

At Hydra's lair, Machinesmith is about to give information to Bravo and the Hydra Queen when the virus takes effect, leaving him with no clue about what he was talking about.

Solicit Synopsis

• Conclusion Of “Powerless”! • Can Cap’s Condition Be Cured? • Falcon Fights Alongside The Enemy! • Hydra Revealed And A New Name For An Arch-Enemy!

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