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Synopsis for "Shock to the System (Part 2)"

Scourge is working out at a gym. He is angry for having attacked Diamondback. A mysterious man, who has been watching Scourge's progress, asks him if he is doubting the mission. Scourge denies this, he just wasn't ready to hurt a girl. He is still ready to fix the system. Scourge's partner, revealed to be Henry Peter Gyrich, agrees; saying that they will show everyone what real justice looks like.

Meanwhile, Captain America rushes to the hospital and reaches Diamondback's room. The doctor says that Rachel is suffering severe head trauma, but she is stable now. When Cap asks if she is going to be okay, the doctor replies it is too early to say. Diamondback is comatose. Dugan, who is also in the room, says that S.H.I.E.L.D. will take care of Rachel. As soon as Rachel is taken away by a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter, Cap and Dugan take a flying car and search for information on Rachel's assailant.

Sharon has just found info on a HYDRA mole, and Cap and Dugan go to his last known location: New Jersey. They find a HYDRA base hidden under the M.T.A. tunnels and storm the place. After defeating al the HYDRA forces inside, Cap and Dugan find a room filled with security tapes. They deduce Bravo and his Queen wanted them to come there.

At the Avengers Mansion, Cap and Sharon watch the tapes, which depict Gyrich being submitted to hypnotic implantation. With their recent findings, Cap and Sharon believe Gyrich to be the mole, but they are in the dark about the new Scourge's identity.

Meanwhile, at the Washington Monument, Gyrich has a secret meeting with a reporter named Davidson. Gyrich tells him that the man responsible for the home invasion last night was the Viper, one of several masked murderers the American government is making deals with. He also hands Davidson a portfolio full of evidence.

Cap and Sharon set out to find Gyrich, although Cap says that since Gyrich is allied with Bravo and the Hydra Queen, their mission will not be easy.

Meanwhile in New York, Rattler is attacked and killed by Scourge, who is revealed to be Dennis Dunphy, Demolition Man.

Solicit Synopsis

• Patrick Zircher joins Ed Brubaker for ‘System Failure’

• Ex super-villains in Witness Protection murdered!

• The return of an old villain and an old lover!

• Can Cap solve this mystery before he himself becomes a target?


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