Quote1.png I recognized him...it doesn't make any sense, but this new Scourge...it's an old friend of Cap's...it's D-Man. Quote2.png
-- Rachel Leighton

Appearing in "Shock to the System (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Shock to the System (Part 3)"

A man named Jack Garrett is on Laguardia Airport, trying to take a plane to flee the country. Garrett had been on parole for three days and he had already gone back to his old rattling ways. He reads a newspaper article that reveals the death of Rattler.

Captain America intercepts him, asking Garrett to come with him. Garrett pulls out a gun and shoots Cap, trying to escape. After a short chase, Garrett threatens a kid at gunpoint. Suddenly, two men reveal themselves as HYDRA agents and try to kill Garrett, but Cap knocks them out. Cap says that he didn't come to arrest Garret; instead, he came to stop HYRDA from erasing his only lead. Garrett will help him from now on.

Meanwhile, at an abandoned warehouse, Dennis Dunphy, formerly Demolition Man and the current Scourge, attacks Gyrich, asking him what did he do to his brain. He says that he is slow and dumb again. Gyrich pulls out a remote control and pushes a button, causing Dunphy to stand down and become loyal again. Dunphy is confused about what happened, but Gyrich tells him to get ready for his next assignment.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. ops room, Cap has verified Garrett's intel and goes to stop Scourge on his own, not wanting anyone else to interfere.

Two hours later, at the Washington Monument, Garrett meets up with Gyrich. Apparently, Gyrich wasn't supposed to do anything before Garrett left the country, but Scourge had a problem and Gyrich didn't know anything about the attempt on Garrett. Then, Gyrich discovers a tracking device on Garrett and tries to escape, only to be arrested by Sharon, Dugan and a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

At the Baltimore shipyards, Roger Gocking, formerly known as the Porcupine; now living as Roger Manning, is leaving his workplace when Cap suddenly knocks him out of the way of stray bullets.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. sick bay, Dugan goes to see Rachel, who is still in recovery. Rachel tells Dugan that she knows Scourge is actually Demolition Man.

Scourge continues his attack on Captain America.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis


• Part Three of “Shock to the System”

• Scourge’s secret identity revealed.

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