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Synopsis for "Shock to the System (Part 4)"

Captain America tells Roger Gocking to hide deeper inside the dock while he goes to face Scourge. Although he has taken a bullet to the leg, Cap manages to disarm Scourge, and the two fight hand-to-hand. Scourge hits Cap in the head, damaging his comm link.

Dugan uses a satellite to track down Cap, and Sharon drives a flying car to Cap's location. They are both aware that Cap is fighting Dennis Dunphy.

As the fight continues, Cap recognizes Scourge's voice and takes his mask off, revealing Dennis's face.

Meanwhile, Dugan tells Sharon that during their interrogation of Gyrich, he apparently shut himself down. He is totally non-responsive now, and S.H.I.E.L.D. has no way to reverse Dunphy's condition.

Cap tries to reason with Dunphy, but he continues attacking, saying that Cap has betrayed the ideals he was supposed to fight for. Dennis grabs Cap's shield is about to smash him with it, but Sharon shoots him in the back. As Dennis dies, his brainwashing wears off. Sharon tearfully apologizes to Cap, saying that Dennis was going to kill him.

At the Helicarrier, Cap reports to Rachel that with Gyrich incapacitated, they have no leads on Codename: Bravo and the Hydra Queen. Cap also feels bad for Dennis' death, and Rachel tells him not to be so hard on Sharon.

Later, a mob of reporters have gathered outside the Avengers mansion due to Gyrich's leak to the media. As Steve and Sharon watch from a window, Steve chooses not to make a statement; he will tell everything he knows at Dennis's funeral. Sharon apologizes to Steve for killing Dennis, but Steve replies that there is nothing to forgive. Steve and Sharon agree that for now, Bravo and his Queen are winning the war.

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