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Synopsis for "New World Orders (Part 1)"

Times Square is under attack by a mysterious foe. Captain America and Falcon help rescue civilians. Cap asks Sharon for information about the new enemies, but she has nothing and this is their first known appearance. As Cap and Falcon are surrounded by the new villains, one of them creates missiles out of thin air and hurls them at the heroes. Cap blocks the missiles with his shield while Falcon tries to save more civilians. However, one of the villains stuns him with an acid mist. As Cap rushes to save him, one of the villains descends upon him, identifying his group as the Discordians. Cap hits one of them in the head, but suddenly, all the other Discordians to collapse and fall to the ground.

Shortly after, everyone watches a news show on their cellphones. The host, Reed Braxton, criticizes Captain America, saying that despite his many heroic deeds, he has been unable to defeat poverty, escalating gas prices and a crashing economy. Steve watches the show at the Avengers Mansion and meets up with Rachel, who tells him not to believe what Braxton says. Suddenly, Sharon comes into the room, telling Steve that Dugan is calling him. As Steve takes the phone, Rachel notes that there is still tension between him and Sharon.

At HYDRA's Flying Island, Baron Zemo, Codename: Bravo and the Hydra Queen assess the Discordians' recent actions. Although the Queen is pleased, Zemo states that the Discordians' success was only moderate and they need to focus their efforts more seriously. Although Bravo and the Queen listen to Zemo's suggestions, they reply he was assigned to do an even more important task. As Zemo leaves, Bravo and Queen note that Zemo requires more subtlety.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Dugan shows Cap Braxton's corpse at the same time he watches Braxton on TV. Cap and Dugan know that Braxton is an impostor. Suddenly, news reports show that Discordians are attacking American strongholds and embassies all over the world. Sharon also tells Cap that the Discordians are attacking Washington.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis


• Still reeling from Hydra’s Madbombs, Cap finds himself the target of a vicious media smear campaign.

• Who are the Discordians and what will they blow up next…?

• Brought to you by Eisner award winner Ed Brubaker & Cullen Bunn (FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS; CAPTAIN AMERICA & HAWKEYE) with superstar artist Scot Eaton (SECRET AVENGERS).

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